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          To enrol as an ADO Aspirant, please complete and submit the form below with your payment for the Aspirant Fee.  The cost of full enrolment is $310 USD.      A Seed Package containing the first two lessons and additional information about the Order is also available for $35 USD.  The cost of the Seed Package will be deducted from the cost of your enrolment; use the "Pay Balance" option (below right) to finish paying and enrol.

[NOTE: The ADO Elder Council approves candidates for Lifetime Membership based upon coursework assessments, demonstrable compatibility with the ADO spiritual community and Tradition, and intuitive/spiritual guidance.  The Council reserve the right to deny or revoke the membership of any Aspirant or member they deem to be incompatible, unfit, or unqualified for membership. Your enrolment constitutes your legal acceptance of these terms and conditions.]

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Enrolment Form/Membership Application


Full Name (First, Middle, Last)
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Reasons for Applying to Enrol
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MINORS: Consent of Legal Guardian
"I agree to all terms and conditions of membership."
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Seed Package or Full Enrolment?

1. Complete and submit the
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2. Submit your payment by
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    Post* to: The Avalon
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    PO Box 62151, Ft. Myers,
    FL 33906 USA.

* For Payments by Post:
[Domestic Mail]  Send a Personal Check or Postal Money Order for $30, $270, or $300 USD (the Seed Package, Balance Fee, or Full Enrolment Fee, minus PayPal fees).
[International Mail]  Send a Bank Cheque or Postal Money Order in US Dollars only .

Send payments with tracking only; NO SIGNATURE required. ​ Allow 4 to 6 weeks for receipt/processing. You will receive an email confirmation once your enrolment and payment are approved and processed. Enrollees will also receive Provisional Member Numbers, Aspirant passwords, and  other instructions.

Buy Seed Package or Enrol & Pay Aspirant Fee:

[ASPIRANTS:  To Enrol after buying a Seed Package, choose the "Pay Balance" option; otherwise, choose "Full Enrolment".  e-Payments include a charge to cover the cost of  PayPal services.  Fees/charges are non-refundable.]

Seed Package ($35 USD)
Pay Balance ($275 USD)
Full Enrolment ($310 USD)

Help to Preserve our Tradition: Donate to the Avalon Druid Order (ADO)!

[DONORS:  Unless otherwise assigned in writing at the time of donation, your charitable gift helps ADO to pay general operating expenses.  A small fee is deducted from online donations by PayPal for use of their services.

Charitable Donations are non-refundable and cannot be applied to Aspirant Fees. Please email us with any questions or additional instructions you might have. You will receive an email confirmation for tax purposes once your donation has been processed.]
NOTE:  Only ADO Lifetime Members whose Aspirant Fee has been paid  in full may receive full access to ADO training/mentoring and resources, hold office/vote in ADO elections, or become candidates for the Druid Novitiate.

FEE WAIVERS:   Applicants and new members who are able to substantiate claims of financial hardship (i.e. personal income at or below the poverty level defined by the federal government) may be granted a Fee Waiver by the BoG.  Access to ADO services/training will be restricted until another means of reciprocation is established.  You must continue to meet all membership and financial terms and conditions to remain eligible.​

Redact unique Tax ID and account numbers from our document copies before sending.    Attach and submit documentation via email  attachment -or- mail hard copy to:  The Avalon Druid Order (ADO), PO Box 62151, Ft. Myers, FL 33906 USA. Include your legal name and the date you submitted your Online Application/Enrolment Form in your email message.
ADO Member Privacy Policy & COPPA
(Laws Protecting the Identity of Members under 13 Yrs. of Age)

      The Avalon Druid Order (ADO) abides by standard right of privacy guidelines, and all COPPA requirements as regards Youth Members.

     Your legal name/contact information will be added to our membership roll. Your Tribes name and email address may also be published in a members directory and other resources (e.g. our Forum and website). Your confidential information will NEVER be sold to/shared with 3rd party clients or services by us without your prior written consent.

     Please  notify us in writing  of publishing and parental consents, and/or requests to omit your (or your dependants') contact information from member resources and publications. We will be happy to oblige.

"The value of the Well is not known until it runs dry."